About Us

The Vision

"I founded the company in 2022 with the vision of promoting confidence through all my pieces.

From a young age I have suffered with body dysmorphia, and growing up I did not always feel my best.

 For that reason, I look forward to curating collections with quality pieces that will make you feel confidently chic. "

- Ashley Flores Razo

Meet Ashley

"Hey there! I'm Ashley Flores-Razo and I'm the owner of Coco & Coast. Before any venture, I am a wife, dog mom, and adventurer.

I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember, and view fashion as a vehicle for self-expression. At the heart of everything I do is my passion for personal growth and entrepreneurship.

Other passions of mine include educating others about the significance of real estate and financial wellness. Thank you for being a part of Coco & Coast! Stay Confidently Chic. "

Ashley Flores Razo